Cesarean Sections May Increase the Risk of Birth Injury

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Cesarean sections (C-sections) are popular birth methods in Texas as well as the rest of the nation. At least 33% of all deliveries in the country are delivered by C-section. Although cesarean sections have increased in popularity, it’s important to note that C-sections pose a greater risk to the mother and the child than natural childbirth.
There are several different reasons that an OB/GYN may recommend a C-section:

  • The baby may experience fetal lacerations during the procedure. Fetal lacerations are literally cuts, scrapes, or other bruises that an infant could suffer when the doctor is making cuts. Lacerations are usually a result of negligent or improper medical care.
  • Many infants delivered by C-section often have breathing issues. If those babies are not monitored properly after birth, those breathing issues could lead to long-term, serious complications.
  • Sometimes doctors may delay starting a C-section, a situation that can cause fetal distress, fetal injury and/or injury to the mother.

Although C-sections are often medically necessary, they are more risky procedures than natural childbirth, increasing the likelihood of complications. Some possible complications include the following:

  • The baby may be breach, meaning that it may be coming out bottom or feet first, a situation that would make natural childbirth extremely difficult.
  • Women who have had previous C-sections may need to have them with subsequent births.
  • Women suffering from medical conditions like diabetes or preeclampsia may have to have C-sections.
  • Women who are suffering from you and ruptures may need to have a C-section to avoid having to push and strain.
  • Women who are carrying multiple babies may have to have C-sections.
  • Issues with the placenta like placenta abruption, placenta previa and other placental problems may necessitate the need for cesarean delivery.

People who have experienced complications or a birth injury related to a C-section may benefit by working with attorneys that have experience working with these types of cases. It would probably be in their best interest to work with law firms who are aware of all of the different types of complications that can come about as a result of medical negligence.