Did your pharmacist fill your prescription correctly?

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After reading about the potential for prescription errors that doctors may make, you probably asked numerous questions and verified the medication your doctor prescribed. You then went to your local pharmacy to have it filled.
When you began taking the medication, you may have felt that something was terribly wrong. Either you experienced new and frightening symptoms or your condition didn’t improve, but instead got worse. When you scrutinized the medication you left the pharmacy with, you may have discovered a problem.
What errors could occur?
The most common medication and prescription errors include the following:

  • Failing to include warnings about side effects of a particular medication that could cause dangerous adverse health effects
  • Failing to provide the right medication
  • Failing to provide the right dosage of the appropriate medication
  • Failing to identify and warn of dangerous drug interactions

These errors rest in human error from doctors, nurses and pharmacists, among others. However, a pharmaceutical company could also release a dangerous, defective or unsafe medication into the market.
What may cause a pharmacist to make a prescription error?
When it comes to pharmacists in particular, many of the mistakes that occur happen under the following circumstances:

  • Failing to receive the proper training
  • Feeling overworked and under pressure
  • Failing to communicate effectively with doctors
  • Failing to properly supervise pharmacy technicians

Automated systems have helped prevent many medication mistakes, but relying on them too heavily could be a mistake in itself. Those systems still depend on humans, and mistakes could easily happen. One typo could bring the usefulness and reliability of an automated system to its knees. Reliance on an automated system should never replace reviewing the information and making sure everything is correct.
Training and supervision are crucial in many industries, but in this atmosphere, it takes on a new level of importance since people’s lives could be at stake due to a mistake.
When a mistake happens
If you or a loved one suffered harm due to what you believe was a mistake on the part of your pharmacist, you may be able to seek compensation through a medical malpractice claim. These cases often present a challenge, and it would more than likely be beneficial to understand what such an endeavor entails, what your rights are and what legal options you have. With the right advice and guidance, you may receive the restitution you deserve.