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Being diagnosed with a serious medical condition can leave an individual with frayed nerves. If you find yourself in this position, then you could find yourself worried about your prognosis, the cost and how it could affect your loved ones. It can truly be scary. But what can be even more terrifying is those individuals whose doctors either fail to diagnose them with a serious medical condition or give them a wrong diagnosis.
A failure to diagnose can give a disease significant time, sometimes years, to thrive without being combatted by effective medical treatment. This can leave you with significant damages. Your health may have steadily declined over that time and the condition itself may have progressed to the point that is no longer treatable and/or curable. Under these circumstances, you have to consider not only how to cope with the physical and emotional pain and suffering that was unfairly thrust upon you, but also the financial losses that you might face, including additional medical expenses and lost wages on account of missing work.
Taking negligent doctors to court to hold them accountable for their errors can be nerve-wracking, too. After all, these doctors and their employers are often represented by teams of skilled attorneys. This is why victims of medical malpractice need to ensure that they, too, have a strong legal advocate by their side. The legal team at Davis & Davis Attorneys at Law is well-versed in how to build a compelling hospital negligence case, form gathering physical evidence and witness testimony, to discrediting the defenses claims. Our record of success speaks for itself. We therefore invite those who wish to learn more about us to peruse the rest of our website.
While we focus on providing competent and aggressive legal representation, we recognize that, for victims of medical malpractice, this process is about so much more. With this in mind, we strive to show our clients compassion and ease the burden that they are carrying. We hope that with zealous representation we can provide our clients with the closure they need and deserve.