Doctor removes wrong rib from patient

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When a Houston patient goes in for surgery they are made aware of the risks that are involved in the surgery. All surgery has risks but occasionally a surgical error occurs because of negligence on the part of the surgeon or other medical staff. These “never events” happen when there is a failure of communication, failure to follow proper procedure, and a general lack of paying attention.
A patient has filed a lawsuit against her surgeon alleging that he removed the wrong rib during surgery. She was scheduled to have her eighth rib removed during a surgery for a lesion. After the surgery the woman was still in pain. An x-ray revealed that the wrong rib was removed and that coils used during the surgery were still in her. Her surgeon said that he didn’t remove enough of the rib and lied about not removing the correct rib. Because of the cover-up the woman initiated a lawsuit against the surgeon.
When an unexpected and egregious surgical error occurs the victim and his family can feel angry and wonder how it happened. These families deserve answers as to what happened and the possibility of holding the surgeon accountable. A legal professional skilled in medical malpractice can help the family get the answers they deserve. They can review medical records and consult with medical experts. If it appears a medical mistake occurred, they can hold the medical professionals accountable. Compensation may be available for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.
Although all surgeries carry risk surgical errors can occur that affect a patient forever. When a loved one is hurt because of a careless surgeon it is important to hold that surgeon accountable. Victims of surgical errors deserve accountability for the traumatic situation they have experienced.
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