March is brain injury awareness month

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There are many different injuries a Houston resident can suffer. Some of these injuries are more serious than others and can require a lifetime of medical care. One such injury that can cause years of medical care is a brain injury.
Texas residents may not be aware that March is brain injury awareness month. This month is a time to be aware of those who have suffered brain injuries due to a variety of reasons, including medical malpractice.
An acquired brain injury (ABI) is an injury to the brain that is not hereditary, degenerative, or congenital. More than 3.5 million Americans suffer from this type of injury each year. There are many different ways a person can suffer from an ABI. These include lack of oxygen, infection, seizure, stroke, trauma, among many others. Many times an ABI means the person will have to undergo quite a bit of therapy and other medical care. The long term effects of a brain injury can vary from person to person but can include problem solving issues, changes in behavior and personality, thinking and learning problems, and a wide variety of physical disabilities.
Occasionally, a brain injury is caused by a medical mistake. When a doctor does not diagnosis a stroke in a timely manner or an anesthesia error causes insufficient oxygen to the brain, a doctor may be held accountable. A legal professional skilled in medical malpractice can help get answers for the family as to what happened to their loved one. They can review medical records and consult with medical experts to find out if any mistakes were made. If it appears that there may have been a medical mistake an attorney can help victims and their families fight to protect their rights. Compensation may be available for medical expenses, future medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.