Have you been affected by a delayed diagnosis?

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When a Houston area resident goes to the doctor they likely expect the doctor to provide an accurate diagnosis. Most of the time doctors are good at helping their patients get better. However, negligent doctors sometimes do not spend enough time and fail to diagnose a serious medical condition.
The failure to diagnose a medical condition is one of the most common medical mistakes doctors can make. Thousands of Americans are affected by these mistakes each year. The doctors may not have paid adequate attention to what the patients were saying or what the test results showed. This can lead to a patient suffering a worsened condition or even death.
Our law firm helps families who have been affected by a delayed or missed diagnosis. We are here to help families hold these medical professionals accountable and obtain financial compensation for a family’s pain and suffering. There are many ways a family can be affected by a delayed diagnosis. It can come in the form of a doctor failing to admit a patient or order necessary tests. They may also fail to notice post-surgical infections or other complications or not follow acceptable medical standards. These and many other situations can lead to a patient unknowingly suffering from a missed diagnosis.
Our law firm believes it is important to hold medical providers responsible for their errors so that they do not harm anyone else. We fight for our clients and their families and stand up for the victims of medical malpractice.