Failure to diagnose leaves woman mostly blind

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One of the challenges that Texas medical professionals face is that various conditions can share a wide number of symptoms. The responsibility then falls on a doctor to make an accurate diagnosis so that a patient can receive the most effective treatment possible under the circumstances. This may mean ordering multiple tests, accurately interpreting those test results and even obtaining a second opinion from a co-worker. Sadly, far too often, medical professionals are over-confident in their diagnosing abilities. This, in turn, can lead to a failure to diagnose a serious medical condition or a wrong diagnosis.
This happened to one woman who wound up blind because of her doctor’s inadequate medical treatment. There, the woman, who was pregnant at the time, complained of having pressure surrounding her eyes and blurred vision. These complaints were made during multiple prenatal visits. Yet, her doctor chalked the symptoms up to the pregnancy and failed to order any kind of testing to determine if there was any other cause. As it turned out, the woman actually had glaucoma. The woman subsequently had surgery, but by then, it was too late to save anything but 10 percent of her vision.
The woman later filed a medical malpractice lawsuit and won. As a result, she was awarded $15 million in damages. This compensation may help her obtain the assistance she needs to live with her newfound disability. It can also help alleviate the financial damages unfairly thrust upon her, since her medical condition probably significantly affects her ability to earn a living.
This tragic case is not uncommon. People throughout America, many of whom reside in Texas, find themselves seriously harmed by doctor and hospital negligence. This is unacceptable. This is why aggressive attorneys stand ready to help those victims fight for accountability and the compensation they deserve.