Stand up for your rights after a birth injury

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The time surrounding the birth of a child can be filled with anticipation and anxiety. While most Texans are excited for the births of their children, most still have a concern in the back of their mind that something will go wrong. Fortunately, most births occur without incident, and the child and his or her parents go on to live happy and healthy lives. But, medical care when it comes to delivering a child is not foolproof, and when it is carried out negligently, serious harm can be inflicted upon a child, a mother or both.
The damages that can result from a birth injury, like cerebral palsy can be extensive. The medical care necessary to care for such a condition alone can be enough to financially ruin some families. Add to that the emotional pain and the overwhelming stress that accompanies a birth injury and one suddenly finds themselves in a position to feel hopeless.
Do not let these feelings paralyze one into inaction. Instead, use them to energize one to seek accountability and the compensation one’s family needs. This may be accomplished by pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit. If one builds a strong case, buttressed by solid evidence and compelling legal arguments, then one might be able to reach a favorable resolution through negotiations. Yet, even if the matter cannot be settled at the negotiation table, one might be able to win at trial.
The team at Davis & Davis Attorneys at Law know what is at stake for families trying to find a way to cope in the aftermath of a birth injury. That is why they are thorough and aggressive in their advocacy, which ensures that their clients receive the competent representation they deserve. While no law firm can guarantee any particular outcome in a given case, these characteristics can certainly give one a leg up.