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Last week on the blog we discussed anesthesia errors and the potential harm they can cause to innocent and unsuspecting patients. Although these types of medical errors can prove deadly, they are not the only mistakes medical professionals make in the operating room. Instead, doctors and nurses sometimes perform the wrong procedures, operate on the wrong part of the body or even leave surgical instruments inside of patients. Other times doctors mistakenly nick veins, arteries or organs, sometimes causing irreparable harm.
Tragically, those affected by surgical errors usually have a long, hard road to recovery ahead of them. These victims may suffer disfigurement, permanent disability and chronic pain. When such harm is caused by a medical professional’s negligence, the matter is unacceptable, which is why many in this position choose to file a medical malpractice claim. If successful on such a claim, victims may be able to recover compensation for their harm, which may be physical, emotional and financial in nature.
Going toe-to-toe with a doctor and, probably, a hospital can be daunting, though, and for good reason. These parties usually come supported by competent, aggressive defense attorneys who know the ins and outs of medical malpractice law. This is why victims need to ensure they have a strong legal advocate on their side, like the attorneys at Davis & Davis Attorneys at Law. Our skilled team of litigators know how to get the job done, whether that means using evidence as leverage during settlement negotiations or building crafty, supported and legally sufficient argument to present to a judge and jury.
At our firm, we understand the hardships that are faced when an individual is unexpectedly injured by those who are sworn to do them no harm. We therefore aggressively advocate for our clients with an eye on recovering as much compensation for them as is possible under the circumstances. Although medical malpractice victims have a number of law firms to choose from when it comes to representing their interests, we are confident that those who look into our firm will be pleased with our history of obtaining results that our clients are satisfied with.