Helping loved ones find accountability after a patient’s death

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In a recent post, this blog discussed that a recent study determined that medical malpractice was the third leading cause of death in this country. This means that here in Houston and all around the state of Texas and the rest of the nation, there are people who are now grieving the loss of a loved one who should not have to.
Although no amount of money can bring a loved one back, families can get a sense of healing and justice by filing a wrongful death lawsuit against negligent doctors. Such a suit can also be filed against other medical professionals who cause death through their negligence. After a deadly incident of negligence, the family may be left with many outstanding expenses following the death of a loved one. A lawsuit may be the only way to cover these expenses and receive enough compensation to get by without the deceased person’s income.
The law office of Davis & Davis works hard to get the families of patients who died unnecessarily at the hands of doctors the justice that they deserve, and they fight equally hard to force the medical establishment to improve their practice so that all patients can be safe. When we take on a medical malpractice case, our lawyers will ethically but aggressively pursue the truth and work hard to hold negligent parties personally and financially accountable for their negligence.
Although ultimate results will vary in each case, our office strives to get the most compensation possible to a family following a preventable medical mistake. We are not afraid to take a case to trial if necessary, and we will fight to get compensation for a deceased person’s family and estate.