Liposuction patient files failure to diagnose lawsuit

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Many Houston residents have medical procedures performed each year. These procedures may be elective or medically necessary, but regardless of the reason patients have the right to medical care that is safe and effective. Most procedures go as planned but occasionally medical negligence occurs that causes a worsened condition in patients.
A patient in neighboring Louisiana has filed a lawsuit against a doctor who was performing a liposuction procedure on her. The patient was set to undergo the procedure, but before the surgery she complained about pain that she was having. After the surgery was completed she still had the pain which she says has gotten worse. The doctor prescribed Demerol for the pain. A little while later the pain was so bad that the patient was having trouble breathing and went to the ER. Doctors there diagnosed her with a pulmonary embolism; they say she was lucky to have survived. The patient believes this condition was caused due to post-surgical complications that were not properly addressed.
Patients who have been harmed by a doctor who fails to recognize a medical condition may want to speak with a legal professional skilled in medical malpractice. The failure to diagnose a condition can lead to unexpected side effects, delayed treatment and a worsened condition for patients. An attorney can hold the medical provider responsible for their actions and ensure the patient receives compensation for their injuries and other losses.
Medical providers have a duty to provide the best care they can and not do any harm to the patient. When negligence occurs it is important to hold these medical providers responsible so that their negligent actions do not harm anyone else.
Source: Louisiana Record, “Liposuction patient sues doctor claiming medical malpractice,” Kyle Barnett, Feb. 18, 2015