Legal issues related to losing a loved one

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The loss of a loved one can be a traumatic experience for a family, no matter the circumstances that surround their death. When an elderly relative passes on a Texas family may struggle with the loss even if the deceased lived a long and wonderful life. However, when a person dies under conditions that should have been safe and even beneficial to them, the loss can carry with it even more weight.

That is because unexpected deaths do not allow grieving individuals the opportunity to prepare for the pain of saying goodbye. Particularly in the context of medical mistakes and malpractice, such losses can be difficult, as the decedents were in the hands of medical professionals tasked with protecting their health when they passed on. Not all deaths that happen during medical care are wrongful. However, when a death is caused by the negligent, careless or reckless acts of a medical practitioner or facility, that death may be considered wrongful.

At our law firm, we work with individuals who are have been harmed by medical malpractice incidents. Our clients include victims of birth injuries, surgical errors and other medical harm, as well as families who have lost relatives in other medical malpractice accidents and events.

A wrongful death case is based on mistakes and preventable errors. Families who are struggling to make sense of the circumstances of their loved one’s deaths may want to get more information to understand the legal issues that may apply to their medical malpractice wrongful death claims.