When problems arise within critical body functions, such as the respiratory, neurological and cardiovascular systems, a person’s overall health and safety may be put at risk. Mistakes made by doctors during the birth of children in Texas can put them at risk of death and serious injury before they have even made their entrances into the world.

One of the most serious complications that a child may experience during labor and delivery is hypoxia. Hypoxia is the failure of the brain to receive sufficient oxygen. A child can suffer hypoxia before it is born, during the birthing process or even after birth if they are not monitored for this serious and sometimes life-threatening condition.

Hypoxia can be caused by a number of conditions, many of which can be treated or prevented through the exercise of reasonable medical care. Infections, damage and problems with umbilical cords and placentas and birth trauma can all contribute to the development of the condition. When hypoxia occurs babies may suffer a range of related issues, including but not limited to cerebral palsy and hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.

Hypoxia can cause a child to suffer life-long delays in their development and self-sufficiency. It can be treated in some cases, but such action requires doctors to be aware of its existence in children and to take proactive steps to prevent and mitigate its effects. Parents of children who have suffered hypoxia and its related problems may want to get more information about medical malpractice law and potential options to pursue a lawsuit.