Misdiagnosis of heart condition causes unnecessary suffering

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Houston residents usually trust their physicians to diagnose what is wrong with them and prescribe a treatment plan that will work to resolve their situation. When this doesn’t occur and a doctor misdiagnoses a patient’s condition there can be delayed treatment and unnecessary pain and suffering.
An Indiana woman suffered from a series of misdiagnosis from several doctors before finally being diagnosed with the real ailment that was affecting her. The woman was taking up to 26 different medications daily because of a long list of medical issues. She went to five different doctors to try and get an opinion that would help her. Her gut was telling her something was wrong with her heart, with her symptoms of nausea, arm and chest pain. But the doctors she visited did not believe that was the case. Finally, after visiting a new doctor she was diagnosed with micro vascular disease. One of her arteries was 70% blocked and she had a stint put in.
As in the case above, when a patient believes that a doctor got a diagnosis wrong it is important for them to get a second opinion. A misdiagnosis can lead to many more serious health problems including delayed treatment and a worsened condition. A legal professional skilled in medical malpractice can help a patient determine if a negligent physician made a mistake. They can be entitled for compensation for their medical expenses, pain and suffering and other monetary and non-monetary damages.
Houston residents who believe they have received a wrong diagnosis should trust their instinct and seek out another opinion. A negligent physician can have a lasting impact on a patient’s health and it is important to take initiative in these very serious situations.
Source: WISHTV.com, “Woman got wrong diagnosis,” Lori Wilson, Jan. 22, 2014