Texas neurosurgeon loses license due to possible negligence

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Health concerns affect every Houston resident sometime during their life. Most of the time their needs are met by caring, proficient and skilled doctors. But, occasionally, surgical errors do occur and negligence on the part of the medical staff can be one reason.
A Plano neurosurgeon has lost his medical license because of alleged malpractice. The Texas Medical Board has described the physician as a public health threat because of his record. While treating six patients, two of whom died, he was cited as violating care standards. The errors the medical board cited included misdiagnosing, failure to address complications, and having treatment of his patients being affected by drug or alcohol impairment. The Dallas Medical Center removed his privileges in July 2012 after he allegedly injured a patient, and the University General Hospital Dallas claims he injured a patient in June 2013 during a spinal procedure where he “used poor judgment and insufficient knowledge of regional anatomy”.
When Houston residents are affected by a careless surgeon they may have many questions about what went wrong. A legal professional skilled in medical malpractice can help families negotiate the complicated medical malpractice legal system and possibly recover the compensation they deserve for their distressing situation, if it was brought on by a negligent medical professional.
Medical professionals who are careless and cause harm to patients should be held accountable for their mistakes. When these professionals fail to follow the standards of practice they can put many people at risk of major harm. Compensation may be available for victims and their families who have been harmed by these professionals.
Source: dallasnews.com, “Texas board yanks Plano neurosurgeon’s license, calls him a health threat,” Miles Moffeit, Jan. 10, 2014