Baby born in Port Arthur dies from alleged birth injury

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Houston moms and dads know how special the birth of their child is. Any baby’s entrance into the world is a highly anticipated event. Most births occur without incident, but when something goes wrong during birth and there is a wrongful death of a child it can be devastating, particularly if such a loss is precipitated by preventable birth injuries.
A girl who was born in a Port Arthur hospital was recently taken off life support due to injuries she allegedly sustained during birth, say her parents. The baby was born last month at the Medical Center of Southeast Texas in Port Arthur. During the delivery process, forceps were used to help guide the baby out. While using the forceps, Olivia’s skull was fractured and her spinal cord was severed. The vaginal birth was aborted and she was delivered via emergency C-section and immediately transferred to another hospital. She was taken off life support and died on Jan. 1. The injuries she sustained during the attempted forceps delivery essentially left her brain dead with a severe brain injury. The parents are in the process of pushing for a law in which forceps are no longer used during birth.
No parent deserves to go through a traumatic birth experience resulting in an injury. These are heartbreaking situations where medical professionals should be held accountable for their negligence. A legal professional skilled in medical malpractice can help grief-stricken parents get the help and support they need during this terrible time. They can investigate what really happened to their loved one and determine who is at fault. Compensation may be available for the injury or loss to cover medical expenses, funeral expenses and pain and suffering. Nothing can bring back the loss of a loved one but the compensation can help families move on with the long grieving process.
Families who have experienced a birth injury wouldn’t wish it on anyone else. The emotional whirlwind from excited anticipation to gut-wrenching despair is intense. Medical professionals who have caused these injuries can be held accountable for their actions so that others do not suffer as well.
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