Young girl dies during routine dental procedure

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Houston residents understand that sometimes medical procedures can have negative outcomes, even when medical professionals are following proper protocol. However, when negligent activities such as incorrect dosages are performed on the part of a medical professional, families can be devastated by the results.

Sadly, such was the case recently as a 3-year-old girl who went in to the dentist for routine dental work is now dead, possibly due to the negligence of her dentist. The dentist recommended that the girl have 10 cavities filled and four root canals performed on her teeth. The child was sedated using nitrous oxide and high levels of Demerol, hydroxyzine and chloral hydrate. The drugs apparently cut off oxygen to the girl’s brain and resulted in permanent and severe brain damage, which led to her death.

When a loved one dies because of medical negligence, including medication or anesthesia errors, families may want to know what they can do next. The loss of a loved one through medical negligence is a tragic event and medical professionals need to be held accountable for their actions. A legal professional with experiencing handling matters involving medical malpractice can help a family seek answers about what really happened to their loved one and shed light on who may be at fault. The family may be eligible for compensation for their tremendous loss if negligence is apparent.

It doesn’t matter the age – whether a young child or elderly person – medical malpractice can victimize anyone seeking attention. Although compensation may not bring back the loss of a loved one, it can help provide the resolution needed to address the financial ramifications, which can allow the family to focus on emotional recovery.

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