Safety when transferring patients is important

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Many Texas patients at a hospital or even a standalone medical facility may not be able to get around on their own, at least not without some help. In these situations, it is the responsibility of the medical staff to carefully and safely move the patient to where he or she needs to go. Moving patients if often important or even necessary to their health.
While sometimes moving a patient can be as simple as just standing by just in case the patient needs help, in other cases, the nursing staff may have to use a number of techniques, including a Hoyer lift or other machinery, to transfer a patient from one place to another. No matter the type of move, it is very important that medical professionals use the proper techniques to make these sorts of transfers.
For example, when using a Hoyer lift, nurses and aides must be careful to make sure that both the equipment and the patient are in a condition such that it is safe to move the patient. Moreover, when it comes to equipment, the staff must make sure that they choose the right size of sling to use to lift and move the patient.
If the sling is not the right size, then the patient has a good chance of falling in the middle of a transfer. Falls from a mechanical lift, like a Hoyer lift, can cause serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries or broken bones.
Most of the time, patient transfers go as expected, even to the point where medical staff may get a little complacent about doing them since they are so routine. However, anyone charged with lifting patients must give utmost attention to this important task. If they fail to do so, and their failure causes an injury, then victims can hold them accountable for the negligence.