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Each year, most Houston residents have at least one visit with their doctor. Most residents have visits for everything ranging from minor ailments to cancer. Houston residents are typically blessed with excellent medical care, but, occasionally, a medical provider is negligent in their care and their failure to diagnose a medical condition can have tragic consequences.
Patients rightly assume that their medical provider is providing them with the best possible medical care. Most of the time this is true, but doctors do make errors. A common medical error that a doctor can make is not diagnosing their patient’s condition correctly. If a patient is presenting themselves with certain symptoms and the doctor fails to recognize these symptoms as cancer, heart disease, or another medical condition, then the patient can suffer from delayed treatment and a worsened condition. For example, if lung cancer is not detected in its early stages it is often fatal.
Our attorneys have years of experience helping patients with their medical malpractice injuries. It’s not ok for a doctor to make a mistake and not be held accountable. We are dedicated to our clients and helping them receive justice for their injury. Our firm can fervently try to help those who have suffered from a misdiagnosis, a failure to diagnose a heart attack, stroke, or cancer, or other medical errors. We hold these doctors responsible and oftentimes collect compensation for our patient’s medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages.
No one should have to suffer from a medical mistake. Our firm specializes in helping patients recover compensation for their injuries and holding medical professionals accountable so that they don’t harm anyone else.