What are the risks associated with having a C-section?

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In recent years, an increasing number of women in Texas have given birth with a C-section rather than a traditional delivery. While a C-section can be the best option in certain situations, it also poses several risks to both the mother and infant.

What are the risks for the mother undergoing a C-section?

As with most surgeries, a woman who undergoes a C-section is at a greater risk of an infection. Some women also suffer from excessive blood loss and require a blood transfusion. Because the surgery is so invasive, many women experience greater emotional trauma and a long period of recovery. They might also find it hard to bond with their infant since the birthing experience was so negative.

What are the risks for the baby during a C-section?

Babies delivered through a C-section are more likely to be premature and have breathing problems. In rare cases, the baby might even be injured during the C-section. Most injuries are minor, but some injuries can have serious consequences. A mother might wish to talk to an attorney if her child experiences a birth injury related to anesthesia errors and C-sections.

What can a mother do if her baby suffers a birth injury?

Medical malpractice can have serious consequences for the mother and child. If the baby suffers from a birth injury, they might end up with cuts or broken bones. Worse still, a serious injury can cause permanent disability or brain damage.
An attorney might be able to help the mother hold the medical team accountable. Working with an attorney, the mother might be able to show the judge that her child suffered from severe, preventable injuries. If she wins the case, she might be able to collect compensation to help pay the medical bills and for other expenses caused by the error.